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New releases of the Lenovo Legion computers, the price-performance equation in its best form


Perhaps one of the things that has caused a lot of controversy among the players community in the recent period is the endless process of comparison and comparison between the different devices. This is preferable to the home gaming platform because it provides him with a set of exclusive games, and this is preferable to the desktop computer because it provides him with the hardware power required to play with the highest settings, display resolution, refresh rate, etc. . Here comes the important question. Can you get these features in one place? Is it possible for a computer or device to provide you with all these various features within one system ?! . You might think that the answer is no, as many might think, dear reader, until you see the Lenovo Legion 5i laptop !! ...

Lenovo Legion series of computers

Lenovo's Legion lines are primarily made to serve the professional gaming community around the world. But that doesn't mean that they provide useful hardware for content creators as well, but that they do come with designs for gamers. We are talking here about laptops that come with the latest graphics technology and central processors from leading companies, as well as computer accessories for gamers such as professional speakers and great screens.

And because we are talking today about laptops, today we will only be interested in what Lenovo offers with laptops for the professional gamer category, specifically esports. We can say that the computer in our hands today is considered one of the economic class computers of the company, so let us know together whether or not Lenovo was able to provide the comprehensive experience with this dedicated series ... But to know this, we must know something very important in the beginning, which is:

What are the factors that make a laptop worth buying?

Well, there are many factors that make any laptop a successful computer worth buying. It is not solely dependent on the performance component, although it is of course very important. But the performance aspect alone will be found in many different computers from different companies, and even from the same company as well. That is why other factors also have a strong impact on determining the value of the laptop in front of us, so what are these factors? Let's get it back together very quickly then ...

Design, does it deserve this attention?

There is no doubt that the design factor is an important factor for users, there are those who like computers with sharp and attractive designs, while others prefer to have more simple computers. So Legion computers provide an intermediate design between this and that. The Legion series of computers provides modern designs that are smooth in design that helps in portability, mobility and use. With screens of various sizes to suit all users and small edges to provide greater immersion in games and work, and relatively lightweight designs, the designs of these computers will provide the experience that users desire from design.

These screens, which feature the latest display technology such as high refresh rates and distinctive display resolutions, will provide the mobile experience that esports fans love. These computers also come with keyboards with LED backlit and RGB lighting for the keys, which in turn have an ergonomic design and materials that help you play and work for long periods and hours. These keys also provide some other features that make the process of playing easier ...

Performance is the most important factor after price

Of course, the performance factor, as we mentioned at the beginning, is the most important factor that determines the effectiveness and efficiency of any computer in general. Therefore, Lenovo has been keen to provide a variety of hardware for Legion laptops, to suit not only the different price categories, but also to suit the different nature of work.

Legion models rely on the strongest and latest graphics solutions that NVIDIA has come up with to date, as an example of RTX 2080 / RTX 2070 / RTX 2060 - Max-Q cards, in addition to Intel's 10th generation I7 H-Series / I5 H-core processors. Series. The same was evident from its other competitors, for example MSI / ASUS / Razer.

Despite the strong commitment to the Legion series of laptops with a resolution of 1080p dimensions and a refresh rate of 144Hz, it allows in some cases to increase the refresh rate of the screen to 240Hz and support for G-Sync technology, and this is by pre-ordering before purchase, and you can also request the screen that comes with an IPS display panel. It content itself with a 60Hz refresh rate.

How do you get enough screen and battery without sacrificing light weight?

Screen size is one of the important factors that determine the type of computer you will get, as well as the size, capacity and capacity of the battery as well. These two points in particular will largely determine the size of the computer itself, in the event that the battery is large and the screen size is large, the laptop itself will be large, which may suit some, but not everyone. But, as we pointed out at the beginning, even with larger screens, Legion computers have very appropriate weights that allow users to navigate them comfortably, without the slightest problem.

Fortunately, the Legion group is ready to do all kinds of work with high degrees of efficiency levels, and this by relying on an effort battery that is able to last for a period of up to 5-8 working hours of continuous operating time.

The models of these computers varied in the sizes of their large screens, which sometimes measure 17 inches and other times 15 inches. Almost the only difference that distinguishes the Legion Y series is the keyboard, screen size and sometimes lighting degrees, as the keyboards of each of the Legion models come depending on the TrueStrike lighting method and 4 lighting system. -zones for the keyboard that makes it easy to control.

The price is the most important in the end!

The last factor on our list today and one of the most important factors in determining the type of computer that will be purchased is the price factor. I do not hide a secret from you, for many this factor is the most important in the end, as the amount of money that you can spend on purchasing your new computer will determine everything.

This was a point of disappointment for many performance enthusiasts, as you could not afford a very powerful laptop at a reasonable price. Fortunately, this did not continue to be the case. Now, with Legion computers, for example, you can get laptops with specifications close to their desktop counterparts without the costly differences in the budget as was the case in the past, now you can get a laptop with a hex-core processor For example, 16 GB RAM and 2060 Super graphics card, for example, with a very small price difference for the same specifications in a desktop computer, for example (in the range of $ 1800 or $ 1500 depending on specifications).

We're not done yet, what about software support ?!

From the very first moment, the superiority of any piece of hardware or any computer in general was linked to two things, the hardware that was provided in addition to the technical and programmatic support accompanying this hardware. You will not be able to reach the desired performance for any piece of technology without these two factors together, they are two sides of the same coin. That is why Lenovo has been interested since the beginning, and especially in recent years, both sides together, which made us see the continuous development in the software interface and definitions for the company's computers, starting from the definition interface based on Windows Settings and ending with what we see today with the Lenovo Vantage driving program. The distinguished user who will provide you with many improvements in terms of improving performance with games and programs, or supporting new technologies, or even in terms of maintenance and protection tools.

Lenovo Legion 5i Laptop (RTX 2060)

In order for us to support this long article with real-world results, let's review together this distinctive laptop from Lenovo. The Lenovo Legion 5i laptop comes with many configurations for internal hardware that you can choose from, from GTX 1650 cards to the card in the computer in our hands today, with the most powerful processors from this series in this category as well, both in terms of processor. Graphics (where the computer comes with a graphics processor RTX 2060)) or in terms of the central processor (where the computer comes with Intel processors from the tenth generation up to a Core i7-10875H processor) that comes with eight cores and 16 threads for processing and an enhanced frequency of up to 5.1GHz. And also with up to 16 GB of RAM at frequencies up to 2933 MHz.

The laptop is available in the Egyptian market at about 25 thousand Egyptian pounds, which is approximately equal to 1600 dollars for the version that we have. The case comes with a 15.6-inch screen with FHD display resolution and an IPS panel to provide the speed of response that players are looking for, with 500 lumens and sRGB color spectrum support, 1ms response time, and support for both HDR 400 and Dolby Vision. It also comes with a hard disk of up to 1TB of HDD, and a solid storage unit of SSD size of up to 1TB as well ...

Be connected to everything around you very quickly

In terms of connectivity, the computer will provide you with support for WiFi 6 technology and several various sockets on both sides of the laptop, such as the USB 3.1 Type-C socket, the USB 3.1 A Gen1 sockets, and the HDMI output also for display devices. The laptop features some special features such as Game Pass subscription support to enjoy many exclusive titles for the famous home gaming platform Xbox continuously with reduced prices, and support for ray tracing technologies that you will enjoy with it with high-quality graphics and a very good frame rate thanks to the powerful RTX 2060 card for this screen .

Easy and long work experience

The Legion 5i 15 laptop will also stay cool regardless of the load it is on, thanks to its use of the Coldfront 2.0 cooling system that cools and dissipates heat via a dual-channel thermal mechanism consisting of 67 polymer-coated fan blades and copper tubes. All this in conjunction with the Q Control 3.0 system that allows you to manually choose between different operating modes such as Quiet, Balanced or Performance, to provide a unique gaming experience in its own right. Also, every Legion laptop features Dual Burn support, which pushes the CPU and GPU together for maximum in-game performance.

And to ensure continued fun and challenge, the Legion 5i 15, which comes with an 80Whr battery, provides up to 7.7 hours of gaming and continuous work. And do not worry, in the event that the laptop reaches the stage of needing to charge, Rapid Charge Pro technology will provide you with the ability to charge your computer very quickly from 0 to 50% in less than 30 minutes. Additionally, Hybrid Mode and advanced Optimus technology switch between a dedicated GPU or a built-in GPU to optimize battery life depending on the nature of the loads, while Q Control 3.0 allows quiet mode to run, reducing the voltage requirements of your CPU. To provide a long-term working experience.

Unique audio experience and continuous programming support

The company did not forget to experiment with sound either, so the Legion 5i 15 will provide you with a distinctive audio experience thanks to the Harman Kardon 2-watt speaker system. And with support for Dolby Atmos headphones, enjoy a comprehensive atmosphere of surround sound in a three-dimensional space through them, where you will hear the sound coming to you from any direction with clarity and depth, completely immersing the sounds in the gaming environment. The company also did not forget the software support by providing the Lenovo Vantage application for games, which controls the settings of the processor and graphics card, and the performance of the computer as a whole to suit the nature of the games and programs that you are working on at the present time, to reach the peak of the performance hump or to get quiet performance as needed .

All these special specifications and many more (which you can find here on this page of the Legion series), you will not be able to easily get them at these prices easily !! ...


In order not to prolong you, dear reader, there is no doubt that laptops were and still are one of the most important types of computers that are used by far and wide, and in fact the laptop market is primarily considered one of the very important markets for technology companies, as the amount of laptops that companies sell in the main It is larger than the OEM pre-assembled computers or the personal desktop computers (PC), and this is because many traditional users do not want to go into the experience of assembling or choosing computer parts and then installing them and other steps that are of greater interest to computer lovers.

Therefore, the selection process itself is not easy or easy, especially since, as I indicated at the beginning, the nature of the use and the budget often dictate the type of computer that you intend to acquire in the end. But with the Legion series of computers such as the Lenovo Legion 5i 15 computer that is in our hands today, you will actually be able to get everything you want from any laptop without the slightest concern of the price factor, or even the compatibility of these computers with the different nature of use. Whether you just want to play, or just work, or a combination of this and that, the Lenovo Legion series of computers will provide you with all that and more without spending more money, isn’t that really wonderful !! ....

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