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External storage review of ADATA SE770G

 Before you ask, never finish installing your storage units. We are still here to analyse all the new SSDs that are being launched, but we will be reviewing the current ADATA hard drives today. Worldwide Storage Unit.

This unit form qualifies it to join the world of XPG. To check ADATA's "normal" review and it was not put under its XPG umbrella, which is why I have to note it just comes from ADATA every time I look at its module lights.

Before we start our analysis, let me inform you that external storage is now no less important than internal storage. We are in the age of data and we have been in the age of speed, which is why we need units to transmit data at high speed between all the devices we own because we don't have much time in life's grinding conditions.

Life's grinding conditions? Too much exaggeration, right? It didn't matter! Let's get to the root of this matter!

ADATA SE770G Design module

A concept that's nothing new to ADATA comes with the SE770G. This machine reminds me of the same HD770G maker, but unlike the one now in front of me, the HD770G was a hard disc unit. Of course, since hard disc units are constructed around something differently, there is a variation in the design, and this is due to the nature of the mechanical unit.
It varies with this device because it is smaller in size, but to shield it from shocks, it did not do without the spectacular RGB lights and strengthened with hard rubber. In terms of RGB, the unit interface offers a distinctive design that comes in a "pattern" of cubes connected to each other and illuminates them when the unit is placed in the device hosting it.
The lighting is very elegant and varies during the unit's service, which means that it is in no way set. The unit's rear is covered with shock-resistant rubber surrounding the unit's sides and back. With these boosters, the front part doesn't come, and here comes the issue. If this machine falls to the front instead of the back, what will happen?

I'm not going to answer this question because I'm not going to throw it at our headquarters editors team like I did with the HD770G device, which was armed from all sides, and because after I kill it, I'm not ready to sacrifice my place in Arab Hardware, but the question remains.
In my opinion, all parts of the device could be covered and RGB lighting could be provided at the same time, but it would not be the same. In the sides and crevices of the rubber itself, we may have seen some luminous streaks, but ADATA has obviously taken an interest in the form, and I don't care too much about that.

I don't mind because many units come with bodies that are obviously lighter than this unit and are very common on the hardware market, so I can't count on ADATA because it promotes the SE770G SSD first on the basis of form and shape... Amazing.
Only the USB Type-C port for this unit is located below the unit, and no other connections are found. The unit comes with two cables connecting to this port, but Type-C connections come with one of them, and Type-A connections come with the second.

This machine is supplied in two capacities only. We've got a terabyte version and there's a second copy with just 512 GB of space. I don't like this because I'm not used to ADATA offering just two capacities in its storage facilities, but as we can see in many units, it is possible to see other capacities over time.

This unit benefits from a second-generation USB 3.2 interface providing up to 10 Gbps, i.e. up to 1.25 Gbps at the fastest possible speed. This interface, which operates over Type-C inputs, has a read speed of 1000 mbps and 800 mbps for data reading.
The unit is compatible, without exception, with all operating systems. For computers, Microsoft systems from Windows 8 to Windows 10 are supported, Linux distributions based on version 2.6 are supported, and Mac computers can use this unit starting with macOS X 10.6.

These units can also be enjoyed very naturally by mobile users. This unit can manage Android devices running Android 5.0 and later, although they are not officially supported by the factory for iPad devices, but they can enjoy this unit according to what we know.

For our team, efficiency tests

As it is an external storage with the highest possible speeds for an external SSD based on the USB 3.2 second-generation protocol, we must provide it with an operating framework that can operate very naturally with this interface. This is where the MSI Godlike X570 chip is supplied with the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X processor socket. With a capacity of 16 GB and a frequency of 3600 MHz, the memories that will support us are T-Force Xcalibur.
The terms of the programming given for this unit are:
Windows 10 Pro use.
Disable the features of Windows Write Cache.
Working inside the operating system on the High Performance power system.
We will test this device with a random reading and writing process to completely see the efficiency of the unit and also check its temperatures when operating to see whether temperatures are sacrificed as shock safety or not.
We can claim that this unit has fulfilled its promise to function as specified by ADATA with a data reading speed of 995MB per second and writing of 893MB per second. Compared with many of the units in our market now, I can only say that this unit provides a great experience.
With the addition of RGB lights, the device did not compromise temperatures or wrap it with anti-shock rubber, and this is because its temperature did not reach 41 degrees Celsius, and I can only conclude that its temperature preservation deserves praise. In our external storage trials, this is our coolest device.

Final verdict

At the time of publishing this review, the company had not yet disclosed the price of this unit, but we will update it when we know its price. But, apart from the price, I can claim that, because of its relatively compact size and shock-proof rubber safety, this device is very useful.
In that SSD, let's get the RGB lighting because it's a question of tastes. In a lot of hardware, we've seen plenty of lights, but what ADATA has to show in this machine still leaves me unconvinced that it isn't under the umbrella of XPG. The lighting design is very cool and eye-catching, but the lighting is not so high that because of it, you are distracted from what you do, which is why I pick up the ADATA hat
In my opinion, this SSD will be useful for many users. If you want to put video games that you don't use on an ongoing basis, old-generation platform games will speed up download processes, transfer large video clips directly from them to edit them or edit clips, or even transfer your business data to your mobile phone, tablet or between devices.
I can recommend this unit to you easily, but wait until we are aware of its price. I was expecting to see some distinct capacities, such as 2 and 4 terabytes, and the 250 GB was also not objected to. In all cases, the best-selling capacity is 512 or 1 terabyte capacity, but the needs of everyone must be protected.